Lowe’s Home Improvement

I helped create a promotion to boost Lowe’s business with contractors in the Southeast. Focused on the company’s NASCAR team, the campaign proved so successful that it was followed by a nationwide program the next year.


With near monopoly status and revenues of $34 billion, BellSouth wouldn’t seem to need to market aggressively. But the company employed a strategic program of direct mail and promotions to grow their business. Much of it was written by yours truly.

Laser Spine Institute

Unlike most healthcare services, Laser Spine Institute marketed its advanced endoscopic surgery direct to consumers. Advertisements like these helped the company to open new surgery centers in tough-to-penetrate markets like Philadelphia.

Outback Restaurant

I cooked up a series of no-photo newspaper ads which used words to paint pictures in the mind’s eye of consumers. The campaign won awards for the agency, and a devoted following of new customers for the restaurant.

Michael Saunders & Company

With $3.1 billion in sales and more than 500 agents in 2006, Michael Saunders & Company was a real estate powerhouse. These magazine ads give a glimpse of the marketing that helped the firm gobble up market share and international advertising awards.

Southwest Florida Airport

Didn’t know that Southwest Florida had an international airport? That’s okay. Area residents didn’t seem to know either. These magazine ads were part of a branding campaign to position the airport as the first choice for business and vacation travel.


Interland was the leading provider of web hosting services to small- and medium-sized businesses. But they wanted to grow their customer base rapidly in advance of the company going public on the stock market. Direct mail and promotions aided the speedy expansion.

Bangor International Airport

Bangor residents were driving to all the way to Boston to catch a plane. Engaging radio spots encouraged them to use the overlooked airport right in town. LISTEN — “The Park.” LISTEN — “Anniversary.”

Sprinkle Consulting

This nationally recognized planning, engineering and land development services company undertakes massive projects for cities and organizations around the United States. But for the massive project of creating content for their website, they turned to Wilson Copywriting.

Laser Spine Institute

As the leader in endoscopic spine surgery, Laser Spine Institute has a substantial presence on the Intranet. Supplying their many websites with quality content helped the company to consistently ranked high in searches by those looking for solutions to their chronic back pain.

Naples, Marco Island & The Everglades

World-famous attractions draw millions of tourists to Central Florida every year. This television commercial was part of a targeted effort to encourage some of them to escape to the very different vacation experience offered in Southwest Florida. CLICK TO WATCH.

Professional Employer Plans

In creating the content for the Professional Employer Plans website, Wilson Copywriting came up with the line “We take care of employees. You take care of business.” The company loved it so much they used it as the tagline in all their marketing efforts.

Sunscreen Film Festival

St. Petersburg hosts its very own film festival that’s highlighted by plenty of Florida flair. Featuring premieres of domestic and foreign movies and appearances by Hollywood celebrities, the event was promoted by a playful online advertising campaign.